CosmoViewer NG for Windows

How To Use

How to use CosmoViewer NG for Windows


Virtual Web Camera

Starting from version 1.8.1 CosmoViewer NG for Windows may be used as a virtual camera in Windows. I'll show how to configure virtual camera and use with Zoom application.

Step 1

Download latest CosmoViewerNG distrib Download page and install it.

Step 2

Run CosmoViewerNG and go to "Application settings"

Step 3

Open chapter "Restreaming", tab "Virtual webcam"

Step 4

Check your current capture devices list. Open Zoom (or any other application which can work with web cams or other video capture devices) settings. On my laptop it looks like this:

If there is no "OBS-camera" in this list - need to install virtual webcamera driver. But don't forget to exit Zoom application (or any other application which you want to use with virtual camera) at first!

In CosmoViewerNG application settings, in "Virtual webcam" tab click button "Install Virtual Camera driver". OBS-VirtualCam application must be started. Press "Next" buttons until installation finished.

Step 5

After virtual camera driver installed, start Zoom application. Go to settings and look camera list. "OBS-camera" must be on the list. Close Zoom application

Step 6

Now click checkbox "Enabled" and restart CosmoViewerNG application. Note: CosmoViewerNG application restart is needed after any change in settings on this config screen.

Run Zoom application, choose "OBS-camera" as video input and start conference. Video from CosmoViewerNG must be shown in Zoom window.

Step 7

If colors looks wrong - need to set option "Fix color" in CosmoViewerNG virtual webcam config. And restart application.

Step 8

Settings description:

"Enabled" - enable/disable video restream into Virtaal Webcam driver.

"Resize enabled" - enable/disable video resize to another resolution. Use it with Pocket Osmo USB live stream or any other 1080p streams. Resizing to 1280x720 is fine for it.

"Resolution" - resize to this resolution

"Use hardware resizer" - Use hardware resizer if it supported by your PC videocard GPU

"Fix color" - use this option if you see wrong colors in Zoom application.