Cosmostreamer For DJI Osmo

When abilities of DJI Go is not enought

Why do you need it?

DJI Osmo a great thing. The main difference from, for example, GoPro is that DJI Osmo can stream a real-time video via Wi-Fi in HD resolution (1280x720@30fps).

However, this video stream is not very convenient to use. DJI Go application can stream video into Youtube or custom RTMP-server, but this was all limited to. Moreover, RTMP stream works only on IOS devices. But to stream video in local network staff does not work. That's why Cosmostreamer was made. To enable the operator to shoot "on the run" with real-time video streaming to stationary display, TV, mixing console, etc. Or to do a live video broadcast into Internet with protocols with many small delay.


  • DJI Osmo connection and video stream receiving
  • DJI Osmo full settings control
  • Zoom and pan/tilt control for DJI Osmo gimbal
  • DJI Osmo video stream transcoding into H264 video stream with lower bitrate (for sending via slow mobile networks)
  • Audio capture from external sound card (microphone or linear input) and muxing into DJI Osmo video stream
  • DJI Osmo video stream sending (source or transcoded, with or without audio) via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 3G/4G. And output to HDMI on main box.
  • Available video protocols for restream: RTSP, RTMP, MPEG-TS UDP, MPEG-TS TCP, raw UDP H264
  • Quick settings control on OLED display, located on main box (optional)
  • DJI Osmo video stream view and main box settings control via Android application
  • Transparent DJI Go to Osmo connection via local network (without direct DJI Osmo Wi-Fi connection).
  • And many others...


Want a custom feature?

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Buy Cosmostreamer for Osmo

License only for DIY

  • 1x License key
  • Skype/Viber/WhatsApp support
  • No hardware included!


Assembled box

  • 1x License key
  • 1x Raspberry Pi 3 B+
  • 1x Raspberry Pi oval case
  • 1x USB Wi-Fi dongle
  • 1x RC S-Bus connector
  • Skype/Viber/WhatsApp support


How to make


You can build you own Cosmostreamer box, it's not a difficult. But anyway, you need to buy license for software.