DIY Cosmostreamer NG

How To Assemble and Configure

Common steps for running Cosmostreamer NG on Raspberry Pi


Required parts

  • Raspberry Pi. The model depends on which camera you want to use.
  • MicroSD card (8Gb min)
  • 5V Power supply (USB power supply or powerbank is good choice)


First run

1. Download ZIP-archive with microSD card image, here is direct link

2. Extract .img file from downloaded ZIP archive

3. Write .img file to microSD card. Use Win32DiskImager application, or any other, that can write images

4. Insert microSD card into Raspberry Pi

6. If you have a monitor or TV with HDMI input - plug it to Raspberry Pi.

7. Power on Raspberry Pi with 5V power supply, it must start booting.

8. After booting finished you will see something like this on HDMI display:

On RPI4:

On other RPI models:

On other RPI models which are not supported for selected camera type:


Network connection

If you are using Raspberry Pi with Ethernet - just plug Ethernet cable directly to PC/Mac or to the network switch or router. Also Cosmostreamer NG enables Wi-Fi access point on Raspberry Pi, so you could use it, if Ethernet connection not available. Just connect your PC/Mac or even a smarphone to Wi-Fi network "cosmostreamer", default password is "1234512345".

Now run CosmoViewerNG application or open web adming page in browser http://cosmostreamer.local or http://my.cosmostreamer.com or

Also, you could use a file browser http://cosmostreamer.local/files and console http://cosmostreamer.local/console

If you want to use SSH:
password: root


Changing the camera type

Default camera type on microSD image is "Pocket Osmo with USB connection". For camera type changing need to use Windows application, Mac application or web interface.

CosmoViewerNG for Windows (background may be different):

CosmoViewerNG for Windows after clicking on device name (background may be different):

Web admin page:

Now need to open device settings menu. "Gears" icon in left panel in CosmoViewerNG or icon in bottom-left corner on web admin page. Or standard menu for Mac application.

Open tab "Info" and select which camera do you want to use with Cosmostreamer NG. And click big red button.

If "Board not supported" still shown - you are using a Raspberry Pi model which not supported the camera which you selected. Need to use another camera connection method (if available) or change Raspberry Pi model.

For example, i used Raspberry Pi 3B+ for screenshots. But this board doesn't supported for Pocket Osmo USB connection (default camera type), so i have to change it to Raspberry Pi 3A+ or 4B.


License key

If Raspberry Pi model is good for selected camera type - now it's time to check license. Open "License" tab in device settings menu. Click on QR code (it will copy image to clipboard) and send it to me. Or just make screenshot or take a shot on smartphone, doesn't matter. You could even make photo of HDMI display where the same QR code must be shown.

I'll generate a license key for your board id and selected camera type and send it to you. You have to enter license key string into field "License key" and click big red button. That's all.


Software updates

When i fix a bugs or adds some new functions - i publish a firmware update file. Not needed to install full microSD image, need just to install this update file. Go to device settings in Win or Mac app (or web admin page), tab "System". Download a Latest firmware update file. Choose downloaded update file (with .csuf extension) in "Firmware update" field and press "Upload file" button.

Update will be installed and Raspberry Pi will be rebooted.