Cosmostreamer Wired

Wired connection to DJI Zenmuse X3/Z3/X5/X5R

For what?

The main idea - to make a DJI cameras works as a usual camera, without any DJI equipment.

Unlike as Cosmostreamer for Osmo, which connects via Wi-Fi, Cosmostreamer wired connects to gimbal by wires. That is why connection is more easy and stable, Wi-Fi not needed, no interferencies with RC.

Cosmostreamer Wired connects to DJI gimbals by wires, with a standard camera mount or DJI Osmo Extension Cable.

Cosmostreamer Wired receives video from DJI camera and outputs on HDMI. Telemetry overlay available. Also, as customer wants: connect long HDMI cable or connect a HDMI video sender for vider transmition for long distance. Also, Wi-Fi connection available too.

Camera and gimbal control from usual RC transmitter, but a PCM receiver needed. DJI Inspire gimbals can work in Osmo mode (always horizontal, roll control not available), or in Inspire mode (roll control available). Osmo gimbals (X3 black, X3+ black (Z3)) can work only in Osmo mode (always horizontal).

Cosmostreamer Wired with Companion Board and DJI Osmo extension cable and X5R
Cosmostreamer Wired DJI Osmo extension cable and X3


  • DJI gimbals wired connection, video receiving, telemetry receiving, control
  • DJI Gimbal and camera settings control
  • RC receivers connection (PWM/PPM/SBus)
  • Zoom and pan/tilt control
  • HDMI video output from DJI cams, optionaly with telemetry overlay
  • Control from custom joysticks (Arduino based, for example) via I2C bus
  • GPS connection for time/date on camera (for photo/video timestamps)
  • Optional DJI flight controler connection for orientation correction in difficult conditions. Control from DJI remote and from RC at the same time
  • Custom IMU connection insted DJI flight controller
  • And many others...


Want a custom feature?

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Supported cameras

  • X3 white (Inspire mode, Osmo mode)
  • X3 black (Osmo mode only)
  • X3+ black (Z3 black) (Osmo mode only)
  • X3+ white (Z3 white) (Inspire mode, Osmo mode)
  • X5 (Inspire mode, Osmo mode)
  • X5R (Inspire mode, Osmo mode)


Buy Cosmostreamer Wired

License only for DIY

  • 1x License key
  • Skype/Viber/WhatsApp support
  • No hardware included!


Cosmostreamer Wired Kit

  • 1x License key
  • 1x Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • 1x Companion board
  • Skype/Viber/WhatsApp support


Price may be lower, contact me!

How to make


You can build you own Cosmostreamer box, it's not a difficult. But anyway, you need to buy license for software.